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Yui Shinohara
Yui Shinohara

Yui Shinohara (Model 5/6)

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Gynoid Tech focuses on research and development of hyper realistic human-like art collectibles, high-end mannequins, extremely realistic solid silicone models with one year warranty
Part Number: GT160-2

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Gynoid Tech brings a new level of realism to the world of silicone action figure models. Each one is a true work of art that you will admire for years to come. This Gynoid Tech features include:

Detachable arms for storage
Enhanced body details for realistic appearance
Alloy plus engineering plastic skeleton with. full-body joint mobility of realistic ranges 
Full articulation of finger joints (no wires)
Ability to stand without protruding foot bolts or hooks

Yui Shinohara is 5'3" and available in two body sizes:

Model 5- 62 lbs. with measurements of 33-24-35 (C-cup pictured)
Model 6- 66 lbs. with measurements of 35-24-36

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