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Ji Xiang Model 7
Ji Xiang Model 7

Ji Xiang (Model 7)

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Gynoid Tech focuses on research and development of hyper realistic human-like art collectibles, high-end mannequins, extremely realistic solid silicone models with one year warranty
Part Number: GT165-2
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Gynoid Tech brings a new level of realism to the world of silicone action figure models. Each one is a true work of art that you will admire for years to come. This Gynoid Tech series features include:

Detachable arms for storage
Enhanced body details for realistic appearance
Alloy plus engineering plastic skeleton with. full-body joint mobility of realistic ranges 
Full articulation of finger joints (no wires)
Ability to stand without protruding foot bolts or hooks; this feature is only available through Gynoid Tech

Ji Xiang is 5'5", 75 lbs. with measurements of  34-24-35 (C-cup)

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