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Hit Doll/IL Doll 162cm
IL 162cm

Hit Doll/IL Doll 162cm

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IL Doll offers a Classic or Hyper Realistic body design. Read the description below for more information. Hyper Realistic silicone is displayed price.
Part Number: IL162

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Hit Doll by IL Doll lets you create your personal dream girl. Choose the face you like best with this 5'3", 75 lbs., TPE, 71 lbs. silicone body with measurements of 34-25-34.

You'll love the Hit Doll  unique silicone features:

Reduced Weight Silicone- 25-30% less weight than TPE
Improved Resilience Silicone- Silicone keeps it's shape under extreme pressure
Improved Strength- No tearing especially with extreme stretching
Improved Softness- Similar softness as TPE
Softer Breasts- Available in hollow or gel filled

Hit Doll has two types of models- Classic and Hyper Realistic (HR). Both are cast from the same molds. It's the finishing process that makes them different. 

Classic- This series is the standard look with no added details to the face and body. 
HR- Finished with additional details after the body/head is removed from the molds. These details are painted on and include skin texture and more realistic looking nipples and labia. The HR series is available for TPE and Platinum Silicone dolls. Please allow an additional 10-15 business days for HR series.

Both the Classic and HR are excellent quality dolls, the only difference between the two is the external appearance.HR series details are made to last and permanent* for the life of the doll. 

*with typical use

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