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Cold Welding TPE & TPR Diffusion Adhesive

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The "cold-welding TPE & TPR diffusion adhesive" is an absolute unique and fantastic product. It allows to weld TPE for 100% within the category TPS = TPE based on styrene block co-polymers. The diffusion adhesive is safe to use on all Chinese TPE doll brands (at the moment) and TPR sex toys, no other adhesive worldwide able to do this!
Unique features include:
Extremely Low Hazard Statements- diffusion adhesive is below paint thinner hazards
Low Evaporation- if the container is closed after use, the adhesive lasts forever (it may become a bit thicker, but that doesn't matter)
Hot Air Post-processing Possible- this is given because the diffusion adhesive is a "liquefier with additional polymer building". The "toxic" Chinese TPE glues are brute dissolving adhesives, the welding is made with destroyed hard block co-polymers, afterwards a hot air post-processing is not possible
Handbook- 34 pages and more than 70 pictures, describing application, repair examples and measures if mistakes happened. That is absolute unique
4 Instructional Videos- show the application, post-processing and measures if a mistake has happened
- Hand made quality, expensive components, complicate production, 1,5 years of development 
- Registered product from a registered manufacturer in Germany

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